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13 Responses to Episode 1 – Telemachus

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  2. Inkmuncher says:

    when can we expect the next episode?

    • JamesJoyce says:

      Hi Inkmuncher, we’re happy to report that the next episode Calypso (in the Ulysses “Seen” sequence) will be appearing shortly. And we expect to begin to publish Nestor from May. If you sign up to our newsletter (in the upper taskbar of the site) we’ll keep you up to speed on developments.

  3. deirdre says:

    This is fantastic, a godsend (my students finally are “getting” Ulysses!). Do you intend to publish this as a book?

    • robberry237 says:

      Thank you very much, Deidre! As mentioned up above, this is a serialized approach to adapting the whole of the novel, something that is going to take quite a bit of time. The new “Nestor” and “Lotus Eaters” chapters will start premiering here at the end of next month bringing us to about 300pages of comics. We’ll start looking into print versions then.

  4. Clark Richardson says:

    Yes, would love to see this in print. Wonderful job.

    • robberry237 says:

      Thanks, Clark!

      We’re releasing five new pages of the “Nestor/Lotus Eaters” chapter every Monday, so stay tuned. We’ve got a lot of loose visual threads laying around from the first two chapters that I’m busily stitching together in hope of a book.

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