Guest Blog: Fathers of Western Thought

Fathers of Western Thought continue their guest blog for the James Joyce Centre, with songs and lyrics based on A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man. This song ‘Confession’ is based on the third chapter of the novel.



Stephen you know, if you falI, I will come and collect you,
Stephen I’ll show, you the way, if you go to confession.

Stephen let’s go, you have sinned, now tell all in confession,
Stephen you know, if you fall, I will come to the rescue.

Come, come.

It’s not a dream, from which you’ll wake up and see me.

The past is past
This will last
It’s not a dream from which you’ll wake….

Another life
Has come to you
It’s not a dream from which you’ll wake….

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Fathers of Western Thought

  1. While searching the web (this blog)I saw drawings that had inscriptions made by erasing with eraser if that is what the artist had done. I can’t seem to locate them. Any help would be most appreciated.

  2. As I was searching through this blob last week I came upon remarking drawings. The artist had erased inscriptions over the drawing; that is they appeared to have been erased. Can anyone please direct me to that part of the blog? With many thanks.Richard

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