Links to scholarly articles around the web


icons-10Below is a list of articles and website resources that pertain to Joyce’s life and work. They are listed alphabetically under the name of the author/website.



Arndt, Melanie


Joyce’s Hero Mythicized: Charles Stuart Parnell


Attridge, Derek


Post-Modern Joyce: Chance, Coincidence and the Reader


Birkett, Jennifer


French Feminists and Anglo-Irish Modernists: Cixous, Kristeva, Beckett and Joyce


Clarke, Rev. Timothy D.


The Dedalus Factor: Einstein’s Science and Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist


Colligan, Dr. Mimi




Conley, Tim


Joyce’s Bad Words


Doyle, John


“A Would-be Dirty Mind”: D.H. Lawrence as an Enemy to Joyce


Duszenko, Andrzej


The Joyce of Science: Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory in Finnegans Wake



Fin Wake – an online annotated version of Finnegans Wake with explanations of difficult phrases as you hover over highlighted words


Fitch, Lynette Elizabeth


Bloom Bewitched: Fear of Female Sexuality in ‘Circe’


Godfrey, Michael


With An Ancient Greek Gloss on It


Harvey, Phillip


Musical Joyce


Hill, Sylvie


His Cheeks Were Aflame: Masturbation, Sexual Frustration and Artistic Failure in Joyce’s Portrait of Stephen Dedalus


Hofbauer, Randy


The Tool of the Martyr: A Study of Epiphany in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man



James Joyce Music – information on the music in Joyce’s work


James Joyce Notes – an open journal that deals with Ulysses and earlier works to provide notes on the text


Journal of Modern Literature Winter 1998/1999 – a repository of the issues of this journal that were dedicated to Joyce


Joyce’s Dublin – a series of podcasts produced by University College Dublin explores ‘The Dead’ and its connection with archival material in the University



Kane, Jean


Imperial Pathologies: Medical Discourse and Drink in Dubliners’ “Grace” Abstract


Kelleher, John V.


Perceptions of Joyce


Klein, Scott W.


James Joyce and Avant-Garde Music


Pierre Menard, Author of Ulysses


Levin, Harry


James Joyce


Marsh, Roger


Finnegans Wake – The Purest Blarney You Never Heard


Mathewes, Jeff


Joyce Lost in Opryland: Labyrinthian Connections in ‘Wandering Rocks’ and Robert Altman’sNashville


New York Times Archive – links to all of the articles and reviews written on Joyce in the NYT


O’Dwyer, Davin


Searching For Cyberspace: Joyce, Borges and Pynchon


Palmer, Alex


Profound Silence: The Irish Language in the First Stories of Dubliners


Richardson, Brian


Make it Old: Lucian’s A True Story, Joyce’s Ulysses, and Homeric Patterns in Ancient Fiction


Ricorso – a resource on Irish Literature


Rosenbloom, Eric


A Word in Your Ear


Witches Brew


Rowntree, Stephan


Joyce’s Ulysses, A Schopenhauerian and Freudian Reading


Schwaber, Paul


The Anxious Narrator of ‘Oxen in the Sun’


Shammas, James T.


Seeing Cézanne Through Joyce’s Eyes: The Large Bathers


Steinberg, Faith


“The Sisters” and the Case of the Broken Chalice


Theall, Donald


THE HIEROGLYPHS OF ENGINED EGYPSIANS: Machines, Media and Modes of Communications in Finnegans Wake


The Ohio State University Joyce Foundation – includes helpful information on Joyce’s bibliography and the bibliography of work on Joyce


Tofts, Darren


‘Where are we at all? and whenabouts in the name of space?’


Valente, Francesca


Joyce’s Dubliners as Epiphanies


Warren, Lynsey


An Analysis of the Use of Musical Allusions in James Joyce’s Dubliners


Weiss, Dan


Understanding the (Net) Wake


Weiss, Stephen


Joyce and the Khazars


Wilder, Thornton


Giordano Bruno’s Last Meal in Finnegans Wake