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icons-10Below is a list of articles and website resources that pertain to Joyce’s life and work. They are listed alphabetically under the name of the author/website.



Doyle, John


“A Would-be Dirty Mind”: D.H. Lawrence as an Enemy to Joyce


Duszenko, Andrzej


The Joyce of Science: Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory in Finnegans Wake



Fin Wake – an online annotated version of Finnegans Wake with explanations of difficult phrases as you hover over highlighted words


Hill, Sylvie


His Cheeks Were Aflame: Masturbation, Sexual Frustration and Artistic Failure in Joyce’s Portrait of Stephen Dedalus


James Joyce Music – information on the music in Joyce’s work


James Joyce Notes – an open journal that deals with Ulysses and earlier works to provide notes on the text


Journal of Modern Literature Winter 1998/1999 – a repository of the issues of this journal that were dedicated to Joyce


Joyce’s Dublin – a series of podcasts produced by University College Dublin explores ‘The Dead’ and its connection with archival material in the University



Kane, Jean


Imperial Pathologies: Medical Discourse and Drink in Dubliners’ “Grace” Abstract


Kelleher, John V.


Perceptions of Joyce


Klein, Scott W.


James Joyce and Avant-Garde Music


Levin, Harry


James Joyce


New York Times Archive – links to all of the articles and reviews written on Joyce in the NYT



Richardson, Brian


Make it Old: Lucian’s A True Story, Joyce’s Ulysses, and Homeric Patterns in Ancient Fiction


Ricorso – a resource on Irish Literature


Rosenbloom, Eric


A Word in Your Ear


Witches Brew



The Ohio State University Joyce Foundation – includes helpful information on Joyce’s bibliography and the bibliography of work on Joyce


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