Welcome to ULYSSES "SEEN" 3.0

So this is a pretty special time for all of us at ULYSSES “SEEN”. This week marks the beginning of our new relationship with the James Joyce Centre and the opportunity bring our own unique view of Joyce’s novel to a whole new audience.

Maybe the chance to connect to a larger worldwide community of Joyce fans was already available to any of us through the web but, for me at least, there’s something very special and very personally rewarding about being able to do it from one of the premier “Joyce Meccas” in the world and become a part of bringing ULYSSES home to Dublin. After working together with other great supporters of Joyce’s work (like the Rosenbach Museum and Library, the Irish Arts Center in NYC, the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Bloomsday  Croatia and the Modernist Versions Project out of British Columbia) it feels a bit like we’ve wandered our own circuitous route back to the subject of it all; the Dublin of Joyce’s imagination at what it means to readers today.

And connecting has always been part of the point of this project, I often find myself explaining how something like ULYSSES “SEEN” would just never be possible with the community forum that webcomics can bring. The research required to take on a task like this daunting and I’d never be able to draw a damn thing without the numerous Joyceheads out there to suggest and guide (and criticize and cajole) me. Now, as we move the narrative forward onto the streets of Dublin I look forward to having a whole bunch of natives help me make things right and relevant within the comic. I’ve already met a number of Dubliners anxious to help and I’m always ready to hear from more.

For those of you who may have read the comic on our original website, this will be a “re-boot”. Considering the wider audience of the Joyce Centre we’ve been asked to start up again from the beginning of the comic bringing you five pages every Monday. The Readers’ Guide, which gives a page-by-page tutorial into some of the deeper mysteries of the novel, will follow daily Monday to Friday. With it’s active comment and discussion forum that, to me, is the real community/educational platform of the project. Our hope there is to answer questions for new readers, hear different opinions on what Joyce meant and, of course, hear where I, the cartoonist, am “getting it all wrong.” Frequent contributors to this section will see that all their original comments from the old website are still intact and open to discussion. It may be a re-boot, but there’s no sense in throwing away good material.

Most importantly this five pages-a-week delivery schedule will continue through the two chapters found on the iPad and into the new material Josh and Mike and I have been making; “Nestor” and “The Lotus Eaters”. Follow us here on this blog to get more news on that.

So from all of us at ULYSSES “SEEN” our great thanks to the James Joyce Centre for giving the project such a welcoming new home and to the rest of you, new readers and old, welcome to ULYSSES “SEEN” 3.0!


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  1. Sorry for the tardiness of this response, but holidays are always a bit absorbing around our house.

    We’ve not set up a separate email address for myself here on the website yet, but please feel free to send any questions, comments or brickbats for any of the Throwaway Horse Team through the “Contact Us” section in the top left.


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