Over the course of the coming months the James Joyce Centre will be serialising the Ulysses “Seen” comic on this website.

Readers Guide
Have questions about what you’ve read? You’re not alone. Delve into Mike Barsanti’s guide to Ulysses “Seen”, chapter by chapter and page by page. Each page’s FAQs are addressed, and we encourage you to discuss these and other points and to ask questions of the group in the “comments” section of each page’s annotation.
Dramatis Personae
Reading Joyce can be hard and puzzling work at first, but it’s a singular experience that no comicbook, movie or foreign language translation can ever replace. My work here should be seen as an accompaniment to that experience of the novel, so, to that purpose, we’ve set it up this site. There are some added features here that make the whole thing a bit easier and more interactive.
Ulysses "Seen" Graphic Novel
Robert Berry’s comic adaptation of the 1922 edition of James Joyce’s epic novel, ULYSSES accompanied by a page-by-page reader’s guide and dramatis personae. The reader’s guide is enhanced with discussion groups and links to online information sources, photos, videos, and other assorted bric a brac allowing you to dive as deep as you like into the world of Ulysses. If you’ve always wanted to read ULYSSES, but have been intimidated by its size and density, this is a great way in and is a great new way in its own right to experience literature.