Mrs Kearney tries to win a place of pride for her daughter Kathleen in the Irish Cultural Movement by arranging for her to star in a series of concerts…but all does not go according to plan!

On 22 and 23 November at the James Joyce Centre 35 North Great George’s Street, the series of concerts will be repeated, featuring The Shannon Colleens and The Sweny Players, with all proceeds going towards the volunteer-run Swenys Pharmacy.

The performance will commence at 8pm, tickets cost €15 and are only available from Swenys Pharmacy, 1 Lincoln Place (the top of Westland Row, view map here) or by calling 086 050 7995. Please note: tickets cannot be purchased through the Centre.

Get one for yourself and for your friends who cannot be trusted to come otherwise!

To find out more about Swenys and the indestructible volunteers who fight to keep it open, visit their website.