An Evening of Noras – Reading Event

Sinéad Nolan, Clíona Saidléar and Grace Wilentz harness raw intimacy and frank sexuality in An Evening of Noras. This reading event will deliver a modern take on the spirit of Nora Barnacle and her letters. Published together in Autonomy, anthology supporting Repeal, and sharing between them decades of experience in activism, these writers will share prose and poetry asserting that pleasure is indeed still political.

This evening of prose and poetry explores themes of sexuality, autonomy, pleasure, care, and the self, through reflections on the lives of individual women, as well as shared experiences of political moments which brought seismic shifts in relation to the status of women in Ireland and elsewhere.

Through its focus on Nora Barnacle, the reading will form a part of the Joyce Birthday celebrations at the James Joyce Centre. It will be followed by a Q&A with all three writers where participants can explore themes emerging during the reading, personal creative motivations and routines, as well as links between the arts and political activism.

This event also features as part of the 2020 Herstory Light Festival an annual global event celebrating women and equality. The 2020 Herstory Light Festival takes place over the weekend of Brigid’s Day (Friday 31st January – Monday 3rd February 2020).

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