An Evening with Brendan Behan – Peter Sheridan performance

As part of Dr. Caroline Elbay’s Autumn / Winter Course “Old Bottles, New Wine” we were delighted to host an intimate performance on Wednesday 27th November 2019 of Peter Sheridan’s ‘An Evening with Brendan Behan’.

Brendan Behan has been dead for over fifty years now but it doesn’t feel that way. He is one of those characters that people talk about like he is still alive. Every taxi driver in Dublin had him in their car at one time or another. And everyone has their favourite Brendan Behan story. He once famously commented that the number of people who fought in the GPO in 1916 grew with the passing years. Whatever about that, his own reputation has grown since his passing in 1964.

The show presented scenes from his many works and from his landmark appearances on British and American television in the nineteen fifties.

“Sheridan is memorable, wonderfully comic” – Houston Chronicle

“You will leave this show wanting more” — Buffalo Times

Peter Sheridan is a native of Dublin City. He has been involved in the Irish theatre scene for over 40 years as an actor, writer, performer and director. He is the author of a number of plays and the book about his family, 44 A Dublin Memoir, was published to great acclaim in 1999 and he followed this with 47 Roses. His most recent book Break A Leg, was published in 2013. In the same year, Peter was the writer in residence at Farmleigh House. He tours the country regularly with his one-man shows which are based on his books.