Calypso 0054

[singlepic id=573 w=240 h=178 float=] Bloom thinks about the time and what the bells mean:  quarter to 9, an hour and fifteen minutes until the funeral.  His last thought is of Paddy Dignam, who is to be buried. And so the episode ends the way it began:  with the bells of St. George’s, again, marking […]

Calypso 0053

[singlepic id=572 w=240 h=178 float=] Bloom wipes himself with the “prize story” and…so much for literary merit.  He checks his trousers, looks at the sky to figure the time.  The Dance of the Hours representing the passage of time with a “poetical idea” has become the practical question of getting to the funeral on time, […]

Calypso 0052

[singlepic id=582 w=240 h=178 float=] The music continues, and The Dance of the Hours parallels Molly’s looking in the mirror.  The passage of the time of day becomes the passage of her life, her getting older.  We have seen this motif elsewhere:  the milkwoman/crone in the desert, the shapeshifting of daughter into mother.  In the […]

Calypso 0051

[singlepic id=570 w=240 h=178 float=] This is the third time we have seen the tiled grid of images and associations–again, it’s a technique suited to those moments where Bloom is nostalgic, moving through a series of thoughts and pictures that take him someplace a little painful.  He remembers going to a dance with Molly, which […]

Calypso 0050

[singlepic id=581 w=240 h=178 float=] Bloom continues his perusal of “Matcham’s Masterstroke”; the sentence he reads from the story is Joyce’s quotation from his own real-life submission for Tit-Bits (according to Gifford; if you want to read a dirty joke into the title of the sketch, be my guest).  Does the “Just right,” the “Neat […]