Calypso 0049

Rob has done an amazing job here of playing out another of Joyce’s jokes, this one rather elaborate, about high and low culture and Joyce’s own identity as an author–as well as taking on the interesting artistic challenge of depicting someone taking a crap in comic book form. The penny-weekly Tit-Bits would publish a “Prize Titbit” in […]

Calypso 0048

Bloom remembers his encounters at the butcher shop earlier in the morning:  Dlugacz’s voice and his Zionism (that’s what “enthusiast” means, according to Gifford), Agendath Netaim, the next-door girl.  He also looks ahead to possibly having a bath before the funeral (stay tuned for Lotus-Eaters to find out!).  He steps into the tiny outhouse, hopes […]

Calypso 0047

After a number of rather unsettling instances over the course of the morning, Bloom’s heading out into his garden to go to the outhouse is a moment of repose and reflection.  Not to sound goofy, but it’s a chance for him to commune a bit with nature in the middle of Dublin before he begins […]

Calypso 0046

This page opens the final sequence of Calypso, and two things are worthy of note right off the bat:  this is the last we see of Molly for quite a while (although the “jingle jing” will come up again and again), and Bloom is about to head over to the outhouse for the most (in)famous […]

Calypso 0045

The motif from the previous page continues, but with different artistic choices.  Now Bloom is caught between the girl and the woman, “girl’s sweet light lips” and “full gluey woman’s lips.”  The thought balloons tumble down, moving, spreading like the “flowing qualm” even as Bloom himself can’t move. Yet then he thinks of moving:  traveling […]