Calypso 0044

Bloom thinks of Milly’s vanity on the previous page (she is “quite the belle”), which provokes a series of images that begin to blend in with Molly.  He remembers taking his daughter on an excursion around Dublin Bay, possibly prompted by reading of her trip to Lough Owel, and thinking of outings she might now […]

Calypso 0043

Milly’s letter elicits pity from her father; or perhaps it’s the recollection of Rudy from the previous page–it reminds me too of Bloom thinking about how Molly has lost her Spanish; there was pity there as well.  The letter, resting on the table, brings forth a series of thoughts; Bloom’s home life, especially the female […]

Calypso 0042

The narrator takes care of Bloom’s eating while he reads Milly’s letter more closely. The carefree and girlish style, the slangy and informal teenage-girl-speak (“we did great biz,” “getting on swimming,” “on the pop”) gives us a whole new register, a new voice.  It prompts reflection on the part of her father on how she […]

Calypso 0041

THE KIDNEY!! Bloom’s precious kidney is saved from imminent ruin.  He shoves the book in his pocket so he can return it to the lending library later and get Molly something new, and he stubs his toe on the chamberpot (which you can see on the floor on page 37).  The narrator describes Bloom digging […]

Calypso 0040

It’s pretty safe to say “The Bath of the Nymph” is not a real painting, so Rob modeled what’s hanging over the Blooms’ bed on this: Once more, it sets up a fine joke for Joyce, one that will come back with a vengeance in the outhouse scene at the end of Calypso.  We are […]