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[singlepic id=556 w=240 h=178 float=] This page continues Bloom’s attempts to figure out the best way to explain metempsychosis to Molly.  The image of the cream swirling in the tea resonates beautifully with his thinking through the concept.  This is a wonderful example of what the comic can do for Ulysses; a reader might not […]

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[singlepic id=584 w=240 h=178 float=] The juxtaposition between the complicated and ancient theory of metempsychosis and the trashy novel Molly has been reading is classic Joyce; he loves to play around with the contrast between highfalutin ideas and the flotsam and jetsam of popular culture.  Bloom smiling at Molly’s “mocking eye” is Joyce’s way of […]

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[singlepic id=583 w=240 h=178 float=] As Bloom crawls around on the floor looking for Molly’s book, he thinks of the line from “La ci darem”  “Voglio e non vorrei.”  More accurately, Zerlina’s line is “Vorrei e non vorrei,” or “I would like to and I wouldn’t like to.”  Bloom thinks:  “I want to and I […]

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[singlepic id=553 w=240 h=178 float=] Molly reveals the ostensible purpose of Boylan’s visit: to bring her materials for her upcoming singing tour.  Both of these pieces, “La ci darem la mano” from Mozart’s Don Giovanni and “Love’s Old Sweet Song,” are very important for the novel, and they recur throughout the book, especially in snippets […]

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[singlepic id=552 w=240 h=178 float=] Who is Calypso? Calypso is a nymph who captivated Odysseus on his way home from the Trojan War.  She sought to keep him on her island as her husband, but — as awesome as that might have been — Odysseus decides he can no longer stay away from his wife, […]