Calypso 0034

[singlepic id=551 w=240 h=178 float=] Molly is silhouetted here; as in the other images so far, we see her in fragments, eyes, back, shoulders, arms, hands.  Bloom is silent as the narrator has completely taken over.  She is soft, fragrant, sensuous; the image of her hand pouring the tea dominates the page, and recalls the […]

Calypso 0033

[singlepic id=574 w=240 h=178 float=] While Bloom finishes the tea he skims the letter from Milly thanking him for her birthday presents.  Two things leap out:  “young student” and “Blazes Boylan” (“Seaside Girls” refers to a song, about which more in a moment; Lough Owel is a lough just north of Mullingar, where Milly has […]

Calypso 0032

[singlepic id=549 w=240 h=178 float=] Similarly to early in the chapter, when the demanding cat is sort of in dialogue with Bloom’s thinking about the demands of his wife, as he comes back into the kitchen after getting his orders from Molly, he is greeted again by the noisy feline (“Mgnknao!”) demanding a share in […]

Calypso 0031

[singlepic id=548 w=320 h=240 float=] The previous image and this one reveal more of the dynamic between Molly and Leopold, one hinted at in Adeline Glasheen’s points earlier, and highlighted in our commentary thus far about Bloom’s role in his own home:  he gets bossed around.  “Hurry up with that tea.”  “Scald the teapot.”  He […]

Calypso 0030

[singlepic id=547 w=240 h=178 float=] The gentle servility of Bloom is made even more pronounced by the over-the-shoulder shots; we see Molly’s back, the curves of her body, and Bloom seems tiny and distant.  We’ve talked about how the presence of the narrator has a tendency to dominate Bloom at certain points in the text, […]