Bloomsday Around the Globe

Events in Canada

Montreal celebrates James Joyce’s

“Ulysses” and Irish Montreal’s culture

Friday June 12 – Festival Opening:

Storytelling & Irish Harp; Irish award winning film 

“Ballymun Lullaby”and then off to McKibbins.


Saturday June 13 – Montreal Irish Day:

Walking tour of Irish Montreal in the morning & 

Musical Gala featuring top Montreal talent.


Sunday June 14 – Eat and Drink:

Breakfast, Book Sharing, Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy
and Pub supper & quiz – Food for the mind and body.


Monday June 15 – Joyce and Irish Lit:

The story of the Irish, their literature & culture,
at Concordia’s School for Canadian Irish Studies.


Tuesday June 16 – Bloomsday:

Readings from “Ulysses” during the day; in the evening, hear Kevin Birmingham, author of the recently published: “The Most Dangerous Book:
The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses.”

Events in Greece


Title of Event: “PENELOPE IN CRISIS”
Event Location: Fournos, Centre for Digital Culture, Athens
Date or Dates of Event: 16 JUNE 2015
Time of Event: 20:00
Description of Event: This year we will participate for the second year in Bloomsday 2015 with a series of photos from Ireland specifically processed by our visual artist and graphic designers and involving six young actors that will read the last chapter of “Ulysses”.
Booking will be required: unchecked
Email: [email protected]

Events in Spain

Title of Event: A Stroll Through Ulysses
Event Location: Restaurante galeria LUCIA, Fuengirola, Spain
Date or Dates of Event: 02-30 June, 2015
Time of Event: Daily 12-21 except Saturday and Sunday closed.
Description of Event: An exhibition of images based on the writings and wanderings of James Joyce by Irish Artist Roger Cummiskey from Dublin.
Booking will be required: unchecked
Name: Roger Cummiskey
Email: [email protected]


Title of Event: BLOOMSDAY Bathe on the beach 2015.
Event Location: La Playa Cepa, Fuengirola, Spain.
Date or Dates of Event: 14.06.2015 and 16.06.2015
Time of Event: 08:45
Description of Event: 5th Bloomsday Bathe on the Beach, Malaga – Spain.For the fifth year we are planning a simple reading, swim or paddle off the beach on Bloomsday this year on Sunday, 14th June. Our event is a little different in that the readers are encouraged to read their pieces in their own language. This is a fun, non intellectual nor threatening event.And it is FREE. All that is required is that you turn up on time to participate. It will be a memorable occasion. A fun get together! But you must bring your own copy of Ulysses. We will be reading from Chapter 2 and 4. Download from the internet in your own language.Where: The Beach, Fuengirola, Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain. Opposite Hotel Florida, beside La Cepa Playa. Bring a beach chair or towel or you can sit on the sand!

When: SUNDAY 14 June 2015, 8.45 AM – 11.30 AM.

Cost: Free, no booking required. Breakfast will be available in the local Chiringuito, La Cepa Playa.

Contact: Roger Cummiskey, 666 78 26 42.

Booking will be required: unchecked
Name: Roger Cummiskey
Email: [email protected]