On Saturday June 16th 2012, readings music and songs commence 1pm at The Gov, performed by Adelaide’s Irish and Australian communities, and then travel by bus to Dublin, SA, and present continued readings at the Dublin Hotel and Institute, using multiple amateur performers, musicians and singers. This event, performed in the Irish style of good times and high spirits, will be captured on a professional video and will be aired on early morning news in Dublin, Ireland, and released on YouTube.

Arriving at Dublin around 3pm, the group will perform readings from Ulysses in the hotel, meander down the road to the Institute where supper consisting of soup, sandwiches and the obligatory Guinness will be accompanied by songs and music, followed by more readings, the bus then returning to Adelaide around 8pm.

Dress up, join us in Dublin, travel by bus (bookings essential) or your car. Prize for the best period costumes, supper available.

Where? Click here for Google map

More? Michael Perth 0417 803 420 [email protected]
Vivien Tonkin 0429 857 026 [email protected]

For over a decade Bloomsday has been celebrated in the red-light district of Auckland, New Zealand, first at The Dogs Bollix pub, now at The Thirsty Dog Tavern.

The New Zealand event is a sensational and acclaimed musical cabaret taking punters right through an abridged Ulysses, from Stephen leaving his tower and Poldy frying his kidney, through to Molly’s soliloquy.

In dramatised scenes The Citizen thunders away with his mangy mongrel woofing at his feet and Bella Cohen the transvestite dominatrix looks as though she’s wandered out of one of the massage parlours over the road.

Gerty McDowell appears winsomely and Molly’s soliloquy is delivered by Robyn Malcolm, top NZ actor and union activist.

A barbershop quartet harmonises through Danny Boy, left-wing political columnist and tenor Chris “Crubeen” Trotter sings of James Connolly, mezzo soprano Yuko Takahashi adds a much-needed Japanese dimension and others in the dazzling line-up include international busker Farrell Cleary, confidant of Leonard Cohen.

All the while Dubliner Brian Keegan reads passages from Ulyssesand local yiddisher band The Jews Brothers plays klezmer music in honour of Poldy, making the show the only Hiberno-Hebrew Bloomsday in the known world.

Thirsty Dog Tavern
corner Karangahape Rd & Howe St
central Auckland
New Zealand

Bloomsday, June 16

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Bloomsday in Melbourne, and it has a proud 19 year history, aims to cater for newcomers to Joyce, believing passionately that it is potentially a book for everyone, but recognising that it is more easily heard than read. However, there is an increasingly large contingent of regular patrons who are hardcore Joyceans. All events are committed to demystification of Joyce. Molly, the focus for 2012, is especially user-friendly.

Bloomsday also runs courses for beginning readers of Joyce, as well as advanced courses.

Bloomsday in Melbourne Inc. 2012: Joyce’s Molly
Bloomsday is a key event in the Irish calendar in Melbourne. Having said that, it’s open to anyone and everyone. This year, we celebrate Joyce’s Molly with a theatrical adaptation of the Penelope chapter of Ulysses, Yes, Yes, Yes!, directed by Brenda Addie. This show will get Molly out of bed, and render her uncensored and in all her variety: her contradictoriness, libidinousness, cruelty, as well as her romantic yearning, desiring self. This is a professional production and a radical take on Joyce’s representation of this fictional character.

Where & When:
16 June 2012.
Theatre Event, 1pm: Yes, Yes, Yes!, at Trades Hall, Carlton. $40 (conc. available for students and health-card holders)
Seminar, 4pm: Prof. John Gatt-Rutter on the Joyces in Trieste. $20 (conc. available)
Dinner, 6pm: 2 courses and entertainment (Molly’s Male Admirers). $45. No concessions.
Theatre Event, 8pm:Yes, Yes, Yes!, at Trades Hall, Carlton. $40 (conc. available for students and health-card holders).

Information is available about this year’s Bloomsday at
This site also gives information about earlier Bloomsdays.
Bookings can be made online or by phoning Bob on +613 9898 2900 or +61419004762

New South Wales – Wollongong
Bloomsday event being organised for charity; P7 Peerless Sevens Inc.
[email protected] First time to be held in Wollongong.
President of P7, Bill, was employed at Clongowes Wood College, his sister was member of James Joyce Society UK.
Due to short notice, we will attempt short readings,this year, with period music in intervals.

Bloomsday in the Mall, 2012,
16 June 2012
10am to Noon
Free event, but donations invited.

Where: The Mall Amphitheater and adjacent Booth, Crown Street Mall, Wollongong, NSW.
Australia. Location, 10 minutes walk from Wollongong Railway station and a 10 minute walk to Wollongong Beach.

More? Contact Bill, Mob; 0415 270 961
[email protected]

New Zealand:




What: Readings from Ulysses, starting at 2:00, the library scene.
He proves by algebra that Hamlet’s grandson is Shakespeare’s grandfather and that he himself is the ghost of his own father.

When: Saturday June 16 from 2:00 OM

Where: Shambles Bookshop
5 Fitzroy Court Sorell Tas 7172

More? Shambles Bookshop
[email protected]
03 6269 2496