Bookmarking the days – a message from Rob Berry


-As we draw closer and closer to Bloomsday (and to the premier of our new chapters of ULYSSES “SEEN”) I’ve been cooking up some nice little appetizers in the studio each morning. Just something to tide us all over before the big meal. Those of you who are linked to the Twitterverse probably know that a daily diet of imagery helps the daily news go done so much more pleasantly and that’s just what we’ve tried to offer; a little nibble of Joyce world each day. If you’ve been following @UlyssesSeen on twitter than you’ve probably seen some already. Little bite-sized bookmarks of  Joyceana for you and your friends to share leading up to the big June 16th FeastDay.

We started the whole bit with Joyce’s birthday and have been running these little bookmarks every day since; that’s 133 little sketches, like the one of Virginia here, and quotes reminding  you of  the many good reasons to read this novel. They’re only available on twitter so far, but we’ll put the first 60 up on our facebook page in early April for folks to share with friends in that way as well.

And I do mean share. Each one of these book marks are meant to inspire readers and Joyce fans old, new and yet to be. Please blast them around the interwebs any way you can and encourage people to take up the challenge of this great modern novel. 

(You’ll also find that the file size on these images are big enough to download and print on your home computer if you’re one of those people who does that sort of thing. Eventually we’ll figure out a way to put an official  download page together to make this easier but in the meantime, while I don’y really go in for that sort of behavior myself, you should know that I do mean these things to be something for Joyce fans to have that they might stick into their own favorite passages.)

So simply put here are some little portions of what the Bloomsday stuff is all about that you can pass along to friends. Some little teasers to get them to look beyond the books daunting reputation and see all of the wit and joys and sorrows and poetry and politics that make such an important part of our human (and Irish) history.

Despite what Ms Woolf here might have to say, ULYSSES is one of the most important novels of the 20th century and I don’t care how many windows I may have to break letting people know that it is quite a lot of fun as well.

Thanks for sharing and see you on Bloomsday,

-Rob Berry