Calypso 0007


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Calypso 0007

Once Bloom has served the cat he can return to the crucial question of kidneys, that delectable that held pride of place in the center of page 3. He decides to go to Dlugacz’s butcher shop for a pork kidney, a resolution that also appears in the center of the page here. A quick note: Dlugacz is Jewish. This will make for interesting discussion later.

The drama of Bloom’s breakfast choice leads into the larger drama of Molly’s desire: whether she “might like something tasty” has just as much to do with the ways the Blooms are or are not satisfied in their marriage as it does the morning meal. Here and elsewhere, we see Bloom thinking about how to best serve his wife; again, his taking on this role in a turn of the 20th century Irish kitchen seems potentially…unusual.

“She” remains off-stage, unknown, a little inaccessible, even as he thinks about how to please her: Bloom’s sideways glance as he thinks of her breakfast is moving us out of the kitchen towards the room where Molly slumbers.

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