Calypso 0021

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The “sting of disregard”/”weak pleasure” shows how Bloom gives women power, sexual and otherwise.  Is this suggesting he finds being ignored kind of a turn-on?  Bloom wants, and then not being wanted back makes him want more.

While Dlugacz patiently waits for his threepence, Bloom indulges in a bit of soft-soft-core fantasizing.  I like the way Rob conceptualizes this moment as theatrical:  he is actually representing the stage of Bloom’s mind, and playing off the ways fantasizing is about watching, a little bit about voyeurism turned inward.  It’s also an interesting comment on how people we turn into objects of desire could be thought of as performing for our benefit.  And yes, of course, there’s a dirty joke about sizable sausages here.

We’ve already seen how Joyce uses the theatre, so the image is definitely fitting; and here, as elsewhere, we have an allusion to a song:  “O Please Mr. Policeman, I’m Lost in the Woods.”  It’s not mentioned on Music in the Works of James Joyce, but it is part of the James Joyce Sheet Music Collection at the University of Miami.


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