On this day…23 March

On 23 March 1915 Joyce wrote to thank HL Mencken for publishing two stories. Joyce had just heard that the American magazine, the Smart Set, edited by HL Mencken, had agreed to publish two of the stories from Dubliners. The stories – ‘The Boarding House’ and ‘A Little Cloud’ – appeared in the May 1915 […]

On this day…22 March

On 22 March 1907 Joyce’s article ‘Il Fenianismo’ was published. Joyce’s article ‘Il Fenianismo: L’ultimo Feniano’ (‘Fenianism: The Last Fenian’) was published in the Trieste newspaper Il Piccolo della Sera on 22 March 1907. The immediate occasion for the article was the death of John O’Leary, the ‘last Fenian’ of the title. Born in 1830, […]

On this day…20 March

On 20 March 1828 Henrik Ibsen was born. As the towering figure in European literature and theatre at the end of the nineteenth century, it is not surprising that Ibsen exercised an influence on the young James Joyce, not just through his writings but also through his conduct and his life. Ibsen was born in […]

On this day…19 March

On 19 March 1924 the French translation of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man was published. The translation – entitled Dedalus – Portrait de l’artiste jeune par lui-même – was by Ludmila Bloch-Savitsky (1881-1957), a Russian-born French translator. In addition to translating French works into Russian she also translated English works into […]