On this day…26 April

On 26 April 1916 Francis Sheehy Skeffington was shot. During the Easter Rising in April 1916, Francis Sheehy Skeffington was shot by a British Army officer who was later declared insane. Sheehy Skeffington and Joyce were close friends at university and Joyce’s first published work was a joint publication with Sheehy Skeffington. Born in Cavan […]

On this day…24 April

On 24 April 1927 Mary Colum published a review of the first chapter of Work in Progress. Colum was reviewing the first issue of transition (April 1927) in which ‘Opening Pages of a Work in Progress’ by Joyce was published. Her review, typical of many reactions to Joyce’s new work, claimed that Work in Progress […]

On this day…23 April

On 23 April 1900 William Archer wrote to Joyce. William Archer, the English translator of Henrik Ibsen’s works, wrote to Joyce to pass on Ibsen’s compliments about the review of his play When We Dead Awaken that had just been published in the Fortnightly Review. Ibsen wrote to Archer on 16 April about Joyce’s review. […]