On this day…22 August

On 22 August 1904 Joyce sang at a concert. On the afternoon of Monday 22 August 1904 Joyce sang two songs, ‘My love she was born in the North Countree’ and ‘The Coulin,’ at a concert. During 1904 Joyce tried to earn money by singing in concerts. When he moved to 60 Shelbourne Road in […]

On this day…21 August

On 21 August 1933 Joyce wrote to Frank Budgen about his book on Ulysses. Joyce was in Geneva at the time and wrote to Budgen to say that, because of ill health and worries about his daughter Lucia, he was unable to read the proofs of Budgen’s book that he had received. However, within days […]

On this day…20 August

On 20 August 1909 Margaret Joyce began her second term at St Brigid’s Missionary School. Margaret Joyce had decided to become a nun and in 1909 she entered St Brigid’s Missionary School in Callan, Co. Kilkenny. At the end of the year, she left Ireland for New Zealand where she lived the rest of her […]

On this day…19 August

On 19 August 1939 Joyce sought a copy of Finnegans Wake in order to start making corrections. Six weeks after the novel had finally been published, Joyce wrote to Paul Léon asking him to obtain unbound sheets of Finnegans Wake from Faber and Faber so that he could start making corrections. Despite the drawn-out process […]