On this day…28 December

On 28 December 1904 Joyce wrote to his brother Stanislaus from Pola. At the end of 1904, three months into his exile with Nora Barnacle, Joyce wrote an end-of-year letter to his brother Stanislaus to bring him up-to-date with the latest developments in Pola where Joyce and Nora were living at the time. Joyce wrote […]

On this day…27 December

On 27 December 1928 a New York court prohibited Roth from using Joyce’s name. Joyce’s American lawyers had been pursuing their case against Samuel Roth for pirating Ulysses in the United States, and finally succeeded in obtaining an injunction banning Roth from using Joyce’s name. Despite the ‘International Protest against the Unauthorised and Mutilated Edition […]

On this day…26 December

On 26 December 1937 Joyce dined with Samuel Beckett and Peggy Guggenheim. The day after Christmas Day 1937 the Joyces dined at Fouquet’s restaurant in the company of Samuel Beckett and Peggy Guggenheim. The evening was the beginning of a brief but very intense affair between Beckett and Guggenheim. The American heiress Peggy Guggenheim had […]

On this day…25 December

On 25 December 1940 Joyce spent his last Christmas in Zurich. The Joyces had finally arrived in Zurich on 17 January 1940 on the last leg of their journey from France. They spent Christmas Day with Carola Giedion-Welcker and her husband. As Christmas approached, Joyce bought his grandson Stephen a small artificial Christmas tree with […]