On this day…21 December

On 21 December 1922 Joyce wrote to Aunt Josephine asking for information about people. Joyce’s Aunt Josephine had been an important source of information about Dublin while Ulysses was being written. Now, as Joyce was thinking about something new to write, he asked her if she would supply him with information about people she had […]

On this day…20 December

On 20 December 1909 the Volta cinema opened. The Volta Cinema, Dublin, opened on Monday 20 December 1909 to a select audience, and opened to the general public the following day. It was the first dedicated cinema in Dublin. Up to 1909, films had only been seen in Dublin as part of variety performances in […]

On this day…19 December

On 19 December 1917 Pound wrote to Joyce praising ‘Telemachus.’ Pound, who had already been responsible for getting A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man into print, was impressed by the first episode of Joyce’s new novel, Ulysses. For the next three years, Pound was editor, critic, and even censor of Ulysses. Shortly […]