On this day…23 February

On 23 February 1917 ‘A Study in Garbage’ appeared in Everyman magazine. ‘A Study in Garbage’ was the title of an anonymous review of Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man that appeared in Everyman magazine on 23 February 1917. A Portrait had been published in serial form in the Egoist magazine […]

On this day…21 February

On 21 February 1921 Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap were fined for publishing obscenity. The trial of Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap in the Court of Special Sessions began on 14 February 1921 but was adjourned until 21 February. The adjournment was to give Justices Kernochan, McInerney and Moss time to read the offending passages. […]

On this day…20 February

On 20 February 1956 James Cousins died in India. James Henry Cousins (1873-1956) was born in Belfast and moved to Dublin in 1897 where he became involved in the literary circle that included WB Yeats, George Russell, and James Joyce. Cousins wrote poetry and plays, and even acted (under the name H Sproule) in the […]