Joyce, heavily influenced by the dramatic writing of Henrik Ibsen, wrote his own theatrical work, Exiles in 1914 after the completion of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and just before beginning Ulysses. The play is set in the Dublin of 1912 and the plot revolves round the character of Richard Rowan and his intellectual dilemmas as […]


‘amid the insipissated grime of his glaucous den making believe to read his usylessly unreadable Blue Book of Eccles’ Finnegans Wake Initial preparation for Joyce’s work began in 1902 while Joyce was twenty years old. He was self-possessed enough to gather all his epiphanies and begin arranging them to form notes for Ulysses. He began work in […]

Finnegans Wake

Finnegans Wake, Joyce’s final work was created over a period of fifteen years with composition starting in 1923. It was finally completed in 1938. Joyce celebrated its eventual publication on February 2nd 1939. Like all of Joyce’s works Finnegans Wake was dogged by publication controversy. He found, due to the perceived obscurity of the text that even […]

Other Works

CRITICAL WRITINGS Throughout his life in addition to his works of fiction, James Joyce wrote and published numerous pieces of non-fiction. Joyce was concerned with issues such as censorship and cultural identity, but he was also interested greatly in the subjects of aesthetics and critical analysis.   Recommended Reading: James Joyce: Occasional, critical and political writing, […]