On this day…22 July

On 22 July 1929 Édouard Dujardin wrote to Joyce praising Ulysse. Dujardin, author of Les Lauriers sont coupés which had influenced Joyce’s use of interior monologue, had been reading the newly published French translation of Ulysses, and wrote on 22 July to describe the experience. Joyce had met Dujardin as recently as the Déjeuner Ulysse, […]

On this day…21 July

21 July 1899 Ernest Hemingway was born Born in Illinois, Hemingway became a journalist after leaving High School and in 1918 went to Europe as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. He was wounded and returned to America in 1919 where he took a job as a reporter at the Toronto Star. He arrived […]

On this day…20 July

On 20 July 1919 Joyce offered the manuscript of A Portrait of the Artist to Harriet Weaver. Weaver had just revealed herself as his patron and sponsor, and Joyce wrote to her on 20 July offering to send her the manuscript of his first novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which […]

On this day…19 July

On 19 July 1900 the body of a woman was recovered from the canal in Mullingar. The body was that of Sarah Pender, an inmate at the District Lunatic Asylum who had escaped on the night of Wednesday 18 July. Joyce, who was in Mullingar at the time, used this incident in a scene in […]