‘One and eightpence too much’ – Reuben J Dodd Junior, from Dublin to the BBC, 1904 to 1954’- A Talk by Pat Callan

For the second instalment in our Spring / Summer 2019 Lecture Series, it was a pleasure to welcome Pat Callan to the James Joyce Centre to deliver his talk on Reuben J Dodd Junior, a Dublin-based solicitor, and one of the many real Dubliners who appeared in Joyce’s Ulysses. Pat’s fascinating talk detailed the legal […]

On this day…31 March

On 31 March 1916 Joyce agreed to Pound’s proposals to get around printers’ objections to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. The publication of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in serial form in the Egoist magazine had been completed in September 1915. But all plans to publish it […]

On this day…29 March

On 29 March 1918 Ezra Pound criticised Joyce’s language in ‘Calypso.’ Writing on Good Friday, 29 March 1918, Pound warned Joyce of the possibility that the Egoist and the Little Review would be suppressed because of Joyce’s language. He claimed that he wouldn’t mind suppression on account of what Joyce had written in the first […]