On this day…13 March

On 13 March 1925 Joyce contributed a short letter to This Quarter. This Quarter was the initiative of Ernest Walsh, a thirty-year-old would-be poet, and Ethel Moorhead, a Scottish Suffragette. The magazine, edited by Walsh and funded by Moorhead, was mainly to be a vehicle for Walsh’s own poetry but its first three issues also […]

On this day…12 March

On 12 March 1863 Gabriele D’Annunzio was born. Born in Pescara, Abruzzo, into a wealthy family, D’Annunzio started his writing career while still a student. During his lifetime he published poetry, short stories, novels, and plays, and his work influenced many other writers, including James Joyce. Despite the scandalous nature of D’Annunzio’s writings, Joyce seems […]

On this day…10 March

On 10 March 1923 Joyce wrote two pages of what becomes Finnegans Wake. The pages Joyce wrote on 10 March 1923 were a first draft version of the story of King Roderick O’Conor which was only incorporated into Finnegans Wake in 1938. These pages appear to be the earliest drafts for parts of Finnegans Wake, […]