“The Gift” – Stephen Gardner Event

The James Joyce Centre is delighted to host a live performance of a very special musical piece ‘The Gift,’ a spirited commemoration of the donation made by the Choctaw Nation to the Irish people at the height of the Great Irish Famine. A basic score by Stephen Gardner was developed and improvised upon over the […]

On this day…31 May

On 31 May 1927 Joyce complained about misconceptions of his work. The latest fragment of Joyce’s Work in Progress had been published in transition in April 1927. This fragment consisted of the opening 27 pages of what would become Finnegans Wake, but it was greeted mostly with incomprehension. On 31 May 1927 Joyce wrote to […]

On this day…30 May

On 30 May 1910 Joyce’s uncle John Murray died. John Murray, known as ‘Red,’ was one of Joyce’s three maternal uncles. Though he was asthmatic, his death came as a shock to the family. On hearing the news, Joyce wrote to his aunt Lillie, John’s wife, to offer his condolences. John Murray had worked in […]

On this day…28 May

On 28 May 1779 Thomas Moore was born. Born in Dublin in 1779, Moore studied at Trinity College before going to London in 1799 to pursue a career as a lawyer. He achieved fame writing lyrical poems, many of which have become well known as songs and ballads. He travelled to Bermuda and through North […]