On this day…27 May

On 27 May 1929 Our Exagmination Round His Factification For Incamination Of Work In Progress was published. This book of twelve essays and two letters was produced in an effort to counter the prevailing incomprehension with which Joyce’s Work in Progress was being greeted as parts of it were published in various magazines. The authors […]

On this day…26 May

On 26 May 1939 Joyce wrote to Sean O’Casey. The occasion for Joyce’s letter to O’Casey was a misprint in the Irish Times. Under books received for review, Joyce’s recently published Finnegans Wake was listed as being by Sean O’Casey. On 26 May 1939, Joyce wrote to O’Casey about the misprint, though Joyce indicated that […]

On this day…25 May

On 25 May 1918 Joyce’s play Exiles was published. Exiles is the only extant play by Joyce, but it is rarely performed and is not considered a particularly good play. Nonetheless, it is important as a stage in the development of Joyce’s writing. Joyce had made two earlier attempts at writing plays. My Brilliant Career […]