Bloomsday Breakfasts and Afternoon Teas

James Joyce’s Ulysses features what is perhaps one of the most famous breakfasts in literature, the fried pork kidney enjoyed by Leopold Bloom in the ‘Calypso’ episode of the novel. Over the years, the Bloomsday Breakfast has become one of the festival’s most established traditions. This year, on the morning of June 16th, The James […]

Bloomsday 2019

The Bloomsday Festival is Dublin’s week long literary street carnival that celebrates James Joyce’s iconic novel Ulysses. Joyce is known for writing about life’s intimate moments. When Ulysses was published, some thought it obscene and unreadable. Joyce responded “if Ulysses isn’t fit to read, then life isn’t fit to live”. This year we are toasting […]

Ulysses for All

On 14th June, visitors prepared for Bloomsday with Dubliner and Joycean scholar Caroline Elbay and street carnival fan Maite López from At it Again! where they were taken on a whistle stop ride through the 18 episodes of Ulysses and learned about Joyce’s life and times. They discovered the origins of Bloomsday and heard stories […]