On this day…27 November

On 27 November 1924 Joyce made a recording of part of ‘Aeolus.’ On Thursday 27 November 1924 Joyce, accompanied by Sylvia Beach, went to Billancourt to make a recording of John F Taylor’s speech from the ‘Aeolus’ episode of Ulysses. It was the first of only two recordings Joyce ever made. The recording had been […]

On this day…25 November

On 25 November 1921 Joyce told Harriet Weaver that ‘Ithaca’ was probably his favourite episode of Ulysses. In an unpublished letter to Harriet Weaver, Joyce describes ‘Ithaca’ as ‘the ugly duckling’ of Ulysses, ‘and therefore, I suppose, my favourite.’ With the completion of ‘Ithaca’ on 30 October, the writing of Ulysses had been completed. By […]

On this day…24 November

On 24 November 1931 a BBC radio programme on Joyce was cancelled at the last minute. The programme was to be presented by writer and diplomat Harold Nicolson, but he was pressured to cancel the talk at the last minute. Nicolson protested afterwards, and the programme was finally broadcast in December. Harold Nicolson had worked […]

On this day…23 November

On 23 November 1928 HG Wells wrote to Joyce about their differences. Joyce and Wells met in Paris at the beginning of November and Wells followed up with a letter to Joyce in which he pointed out what he saw as the differences between them. Though he felt that Joyce’s work was that of a […]