On this day…26 October

On 26 October 1932 Joyce asserted his opposition to the idea of filming Ulysses. Joyce’s opposition was voiced in a letter from Paul Léon to Ralph Pinker, Joyce’s agent, in which Léon said Joyce’s principle objection was that the book could not be realised in film. However, Léon did not exclude the possibility of Joyce […]

On this day…24 October

On 24 October 1901 John F Taylor made a speech in defence of the Irish language. Joyce may have been present on the evening of 24 October to hear Taylor’s speech in defence of the study of the Irish language. Joyce later used parts of Taylor’s speech in the ‘Aeolus’ episode of Ulysses, and made […]

On this day…23 October

On 23 October 1922 Joyce wrote to his Aunt Josephine in Dublin. It seems that Joyce had received a letter from Aunt Josephine a couple of weeks before in which she complained about him and his family. Joyce’s reply answered her complaints and explained what had been going on over the last few months. It […]