On this day…22 October

On 22 October 1902 Joyce visited Marsh’s Library. Joyce visited Marsh’s Library on 22 and 23 October 1902 to read a book about the prophecies of Joachim of Fiore, and there are several references to Joachim in Joyce’s works. Joachim of Fiore (or Flora, or Joachim Abbas, as Joyce refers to him) was born around […]

On this day…21 October

On 21 October 1901 Two Essays was published. The two essays were by Joyce and Francis Skeffington and had been rejected by the University magazine St Stephen’s. Joyce and Skeffington then published the essays in a booklet at their own expense. Joyce wrote his essay, ‘The Day of the Rabblement,’ in response to what he […]

On this day…18 October

On 18 October 1909 Joyce left Trieste to set up the Volta cinema in Dublin. Shortly after arriving in Trieste in September 1909, Eva Joyce suggested to her brother that Dublin needed a cinema like those she saw in Trieste. Joyce managed to persuade some Triestine businessmen with connections to local cinemas to put up […]