On this day…6 September

On 6 September 1931 Joyce wrote to Michael Joyce about a story of his published in the Frankfurter Zeitung. The story by Michael Joyce had been published under the name James Joyce, and Joyce saw an opportunity to pursue the Frankfurter Zeitung for compensation for the misuse of his name. In the end, Joyce’s own […]

On this day…5 September

On 5 September 1912 Joyce made plans to publish Dubliners himself. In the on-going saga with Maunsel and Company over the publication of Dubliners, Joyce decided to set up his own publishing company and bring out the book himself using the sheets that had already been printed. At the time, the law was such that […]

On this day…4 September

On 4 September 1909 Joyce told Grant Richards that Maunsel & Company had accepted Dubliners. After Grant Richards rejected Dubliners in 1906 it was also rejected by several other publishers until Maunsel and Company in Dublin agreed to publish it. In the end, Maunsel and Company rejected it as well and the book was finally […]

On this day…3 September

On 3 September 1987 John Huston’s film The Dead premiered. The Dead, based on Joyce’s story, was Huston’s last film. Something of a family affair, it starred his daughter Anjelica Huston, and the script was written by his son Tony. Eighty years after Joyce wrote the story, the film premiered on 3 September 1987 at […]

On this day…2 September

On 2 September 1932 Yeats invited Joyce to join the Irish Academy of Letters. Yeats and George Bernard Shaw were working to establish an Irish Academy of Letters, a body that would represent Irish writers in general and would help in the fight against censorship in particular. Both Shaw and Yeats felt that Joyce was […]