On this day…16 September

On 16 September 1907 Joyce’s article ‘L’Irlanda alla sbarra’ was published. Joyce’s article ‘L’Irlanda alla sbarra’ (‘Ireland at the bar’) was published in Il Piccolo della Sera in Trieste on 16 September 1907. The immediate occasion of the article was the reporting of a summer of anti-cattle grazing protests, or ‘cattle driving,’ in Ireland. The […]

On this day…15 September

On 15 September 1904 Joyce left the Martello Tower in Sandycove. Having arrived to stay at the Martello Tower on Friday 9 September, Joyce left it abruptly in the early hours of Thursday 15 September, and did not return. This final break with Gogarty also seemed to have confirmed Joyce’s determination to leave Ireland as […]

On this day…14 September

On 14 September 1912 Joyce started writing ‘Gas from a Burner.’ Joyce started writing the poem in the railway station waiting room in Flushing (Vlissingen) in the Netherlands on his way from Dublin to Trieste, and he completed it between there and Salzburg. He had it printed in Trieste and sent copies to Dublin for […]