On this day…11 August

On 11 August 1912 Joyce’s article about Galway was published in the Piccolo. The article, ‘La città delle tribù; Ricordi italiani in un porto irlandese’ (‘The City of the Tribes: Italian Memories in an Irish Port’) had been written in Italian by Joyce in Galway and sent to Il Piccolo della Sera in Trieste where […]

On this day…10 August

On 10 August 1936 Joyce wrote a story for his grandson Stephen. The short story tells of how the Devil was tricked into building the bridge at Beaugency by the town’s wily Mayor. Though the story is not original to Joyce, he gave it his own twist, and it has since been published as a […]

On this day…9 August

On 9 August 1929 Tales Told of Shem and Shaun was published by Black Sun Press. The Black Sun Press had been established in Paris by Caresse and Harry Crosby to produce limited editions of literary works. On 9 August 1929 it published extracts from Joyce’s Work in Progress as Tales Told of Shem and […]

On this day…8 August

On 8 August 1909 Joyce visited John Francis Byrne at 7 Eccles Street. In fact, Joyce had already visited Byrne at Eccles Street shortly after his arrival in Dublin. But the occasion for his second visit was the claim that Vincent Cosgrave had made to Joyce on 6 August, that he had been seeing Nora […]