On this day…5 August

On 5 August 1912 Joyce went to Clifden to see Marconi. Joyce and his family were staying at Bowling Green in Galway during the summer of 1912. On Monday 5 August, Joyce cycled from Galway to Clifden in an effort to see Guglielmo Marconi, or at least to visit his wireless transmission station at Derrygimlagh […]

On this day…4 August

On 4 August 1909 Joyce wrote about how he had been received at the start of his visit to Dublin. Joyce arrived back in Dublin on 29 July 1909, bringing his four-year-old son Giorgio with him. It was his first visit to Dublin since leaving in October 1904, and Joyce was anxious that his old […]

On this day…3 August

On 3 August 1938 Joyce paid Eugene Jolas 1000 francs for guessing the name of his book. From the time he started work on what became Finnegans Wake, Joyce had kept the title of his book secret. On 2 August Eugene Jolas correctly guessed the name and the following day Joyce paid him 1000 francs, […]