-Tonight Dubliners will get the rare treat of seeing a stage production of Joyce’s ULYSSES, adapted by Dermot Bolger and produced by Tron Theatre company  (in cooperation with Project Arts Centre and Everyman in Cork). I won’t be seeing it myself of course as I’m stuck here in Philadelphia watching presidential election returns (which may turn out to be equally dramatic…).

But I’ve been reading the script and seeing the stills and reviews from the production for the past month or so and it looks to me that this production really captures a lot of the humor, longing and plain joy-with-language that I so much admire in the book. So I’m sending the week doing drawings from the production and telling Dubliners to go and see it. You folks in Cork will get your chance next week at the Everyman Palace Theatre on the 12-17th.

So here’s a few drawings to get you ready for the performance. There’ll be more all this week and will hopefully hear some reviews by the weekend.






And here’s some more:




And a couple more. But, I also need to make mention here that these drawings wouldn’t possible without the wonderful production photos done by Glasgow’s John Johnston. Really great shots that make it possible for me, way over here in Philadelphia, to get a real sense of the staging and the mood of the production. Thanks, John!