12 thoughts on “Episodes 2 & 5 – Nestor and Lotus Eaters

  1. Our reading group will be discussing Lotus Eaters on Monday. I am bringing along my iPad so everyone can see what you all are doing! It just gets better and better, if that’s possible.

  2. Not a mere Joycean prop these drawings, but an art form all of its own. kudos.

    • Though I must add, speaking for all erotomaniacs everywhere, that it is a sad, sad, depressing, Prozac day, lads, when this much appreciated artist decided to leave the fleshly desired Molly out of his drawings, as she awakened in her brass-quoited bed, her generous, buxom flesh all bedwarm and pleading for the artist to colour her in for us……

      • Actually she’s in there somewhere. I downloaded the image, and peruse it tonguelollingly, batedbreathly, from time to time, vicariously dirtyBlooming her in ways Bloom never though of.

  3. Great work. Keep it up. You have chosen key passages and thereby have succeeded in evoking the whole. I am a college classmate of Mr. L’s father.

  4. I am VERY sorry though, that the entire work hasn’t as of yet been illustrated and published. It would be a smashing success.

    • Thanks very much, Eugenio,

      ULYSSES “SEEN” is an ongoing project that, as expected, is going to take some time to draw. We’re really indebted to all the support we’ve had so far from Joyce fans and professionals alike and happy to be releasing it here in its serialized fashion at the Joyce Centre. There’s also an iPad app available that has our first two chapters, “Telemachus” and “Calypso” with full annotations and discussions. Find it here:

    • Thanks, Dan!

      The iPad app is still supported but the plan is to release “Nestor/Lotus Eaters” in serialized form here at the Joyce centre website first. There’s about of a third of that section up now with more coming in the winter. That will give us about 300pages of coming that will then be coming as an update to your existing iPad app, sort of a ULYSSES “SEEN”, BOOK ONE that covers four chapters.

      Then we’ll start talking about print…

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