“Finnegans Wake at 80” and “Lucia Joyce: Perspectives.”

April 2019 will see the launch of two Joycean events at Trinity College Dublin, one event focusing on Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake, and the other Joyce’s daughter, Lucia.

“Finnegans Wake at 80” is a symposium organised to celebrate 80 years since the publication of Joyce’s most infamous work. The aim of the symposium is to encourage increased interest in the novel and prompt further discussion about Joyce’s work through consideration to questions of style and form. The symposium will also feature a number of presentation, and a round-table discussion on the task of translating Finnegans Wake. Keynote speakers for the symposium are Chrissie Van Mierlo and Tim Conley. The conference runs from 11-13th April and participation is free of charge.

More information on the event can be found here.

“Lucia: Perspectives” is a collaborative event celebrating the life of Joyce’s daughter, with contributions from authors, dancers, theatre-makers, and academics. The event will take place on 13 April 2019 at 2pm, following the conclusion of the “Finnegans Wake at 80” Symposium. Tickets cost between €10-12 and can be booked here.

The event has been organised by Genevieve Sartor, a PhD candidate at Trinity College, Dublin. More information, including a full list of events and speakers, can be found here.