Museum Tours


The James Joyce Centre offers guided tours of the museum itself every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 2 PM. One of our experienced tour guides will guide you through each of the museum’s exhibitions and explain the various artifacts as well as the rich history of the building and neighbourhood.

The main permanent exhibition focuses on Ulysses, but also deals with other aspects of Joyce’s life and work. The exhibition contains video documentaries, room reconstructions and computer installations. You can also see the door of No 7 Eccles Street, the home of Leopold Bloom in Ulysses, and the furniture from Paul Léon’s apartment, where Joyce wrote part of Finnegans Wake. In addition, we host temporary exhibitions inspired by Joyce, his life and works.

Tickets can be purchased at the reception desk. Tickets are €10 for adults, €8 for students and seniors. The ticket covers the price of admission. Please contact us in advance for group bookings.