Guest Blog: Bloomsday Survival Kit – At It Again!

Joyce Centre Blog March 2014 imageEach month a member of At it Again! who created the Bloomsday Survival Kit will provide an insight into the motivation and method behind their work. This month Maite Lopez reflects on ….. inviting Joyce to the table

Here at At it Again!, we are busy fine tuning the 3rd edition of our little brown book. It’s going to be called Romping Through Ulysses, so you can have a playful adventure from your armchair or on the streets of Dublin.

In our creative process, we draw from various sources of inspiration. We always ask ourselves: Are we capturing the essence of Ulysses? Are the ideas playful? A bit naughty? Sophisticated and clever? Do they make us chuckle? After all, we have our madcap reputation to uphold.

When reviewing our manual, we feel there is a fifth member sitting at the table – James Joyce himself. He is the source. Sometimes our eyesight is as bad as his, so we borrow his spectacles to explore Ulysses and Dublin. Joyce’s view ignites a firework of ideas in our collective brains. Because of our varied cultural and professional backgrounds, all of those rockets explode into a multitude of colours and shapes.

On our adventures, we have encountered readers and supporters from every corner of the globe. Their enthusiasm and feedback have motivated us to continue in our quest to bring Joyce to life.

Another big inspiration is our cheeky and creative city. Art and artists are everywhere and all converged at Offset this month, a big international creative event here in Dublin. Over 3 days some of the world’s leading creatives shared their processes, works and ideas. At it Again! were there, soaking up insights into their practices and personal perspectives. We came away buzzing with possibilities for our project.

We love to explore and engage with the literary heritage of Dublin, present the city in new ways and find hidden treasures in its books and streets. Walking in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus, passing by Joyce’s own haunts, it is exciting to discover how many of the places and characters still exist over 100 years later. There is so much to see and experience.

Have fun romping through Ulysses and Dublin! We’d love to hear about your inspirations!  @AtitAgainDublin