Guest Blog: Bloomsday Survival Kit – At It Again!

Each month a member of At it Again! who created the Bloomsday Survival Kit will provide an insight into the motivation and method behind their work. This month Jessica Peel-Yates reflects on…. Blowing up Bloomsday!

As Molly Bloom would have it – YES! It’s that time of the year when everyone has a reason to dress up Edwardian-style and celebrate one book on one day in one city.

Here at At it Again! headquarters in Dublin, we are really looking forward to Blowing up Bloomsday on the 16th June. It’s surreal to experience folks dressed up in their Bloomsday paraphernalia, gadding about town while the city pulsates with daily life.

We hope to see you out on the streets of Dublin!

Feed the Seagulls!

Episode 8 Lestrygonians from Middle Abbey Street to the National Museum (1)Monday, 16th June, 1.10pm at Bachelors Walk near O’Connell Bridge.

Join us as we bring to life a scene from Ulysses. In the Lestrygonians episode, Leopold Bloom sweats through Dublin in his black funeral suit and bowler hat. He has been at Paddy Dignam’s funeral, done some shopping and a bit of work on the side. He is avoiding going home as his wife Molly is having an affair with man about town, Blazes Boylan. As he goes in search of lunch, he stops by the Liffey to feed the seagulls. Put on your bowler hat, bring some bread or Banbury cakes and see the seagulls swoop and kaw! Let’s create a sea of Blooms on Bachelors Walk.

Romping Through Ulysses – James Joyce meets Rocky Horror

Monday, 16th June 2014, 7pm till late.

Treat yourself to a night of cinema and entertainment that will bring to life the magic of Ulysses. We’ve been cooking up a treat with Film Fatale, to bring you an interactive screening of the 1967 classic film by Joseph Strick. Become totally immersed as you romp through Ulysses. The evening will be peppered with party pieces, prizes for the best-dressed and props supplied from the Bloomsday Survival Kit.

After the screening, join James Joyce in some crazy-legged dancing and absinthe drinking. Make sure to dress up! Find your inner Edwardian, 1960s style or cross-dress in true Rocky Horror fashion. Warning! The film will be cut short with the final half hour replaced with a live version of Dirty Penelope! Please note that the Wrap Party is included in the price.

It’s at The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. Tickets €10. Booking required.Buy tickets here. Contact +353868185537 or

Bloomsday Festival Wrap Party

Monday, 16th June 2014, 10.30pm

In Ulysses, the two heroes, Bloom and Dedalus, head into Nighttown for a spot of surreal entertainment. Join them for a wild night in the delicious underbelly of Ulysses. Watch Joyce doing his famous spider-legged dance. Take a turn with an Edwardian whore. Meet the suave Buck Mulligan. Get chatted up by Blazes Boylan or flirt with the hot-blooded Molly Bloom. A wrap party to remember!

If you are the proud owner of a Romping through Dublin or Bloomsday Manual, flash it at the box office for the Wrap Party and get in free!

It’s at The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. Tickets €5, available on the door.

Bloomsday Survival Kit

Prepare for the big day! There are only 5 Bloomsday Survival Kits left on our Etsy Shop. If you are in Dublin you can hunt them out at the James Joyce Centre, the National Gallery, Designist and Sweny’s Chemist. If you’re dreaming of owning Romping through Dublin – Ulysses the Manual, check out to see where you can pick it up and pop it in your pocket.

We’d love to hear about your Bloomsday Plans!  @AtitAgainDublin