Each month a member of the crew behind the Bloomsday Survival Kit will provide an insight into the motivation and method behind their work.  This month Jessica Peel-Yates tells us about their video collaboration with Story Map.


Down at the At it Again! headquarters, we love getting involved in projects that bring Ulysses and Dublin to life. There’s such incredible material in the book. Every page is a feast for the senses, the mind and the emotions. We’re really excited by the playful ways that we can explore the text and how it relates to us, as 21st century Dubliners – and how we can share it with other people.

One example is our collaboration with Storymap. Andy Flaherty and Tom Rowley created this web based multimedia project that revives Ireland’s age-old tradition of storytelling and tries to capture the personality of Dublin city through its stories and storytellers. These stories are filmed being told where they happened and integrated into a live map to create a charming and layered collective vision of Dublin city made by the people of the city. A modern day Ulysses!

Over the summer we worked with the guys to produce “Dirty Penelope” – our saucy short version of the final chapter of Ulysses, the one with Molly Bloom in bed. Her husband’s got home in the middle of the night, woken her up, then rolled over and started snoring. Typical! She’s awake, listening to the clock ticking, and thinking a load of thoughts – sad, mad, funny, strange. After performing our party piece during Bloomsday Week we had vivid ideas in our minds about how to bring Molly’s thoughts to life. Using simple gestures and mime, our saucy scenes were filmed under the raised eyebrows of Andy and Tom. They wove a quirky story around the narrative of the text, and did a great job of capturing our intentions.

You’ll find the juiciest parts of Molly Bloom’s monologue brought vividly to life (Warning: adult content!) at http://storymap.ie/dirty-penelope. It was filmed in none other than Mattress Mick’s bed shop on Pearse street.

Over the Winter, we are looking forward to seeking out fresh collaborators – at it again!


For more information check out www.atitagain.ie. The Bloomsday Survival Kit and “Romping through Dublin” (an improper guide to Ulysses) are both available at the James Joyce Centre.