Fathers of Western Thought continue their guest blog for the James Joyce Centre, with songs and lyrics based on Dubliners.


‘Run Away, Eveline’ (“Eveline”)

Run Away, Eveline (Eveline) by fathersofwesternthought12
(Eveline’s father)

She’s just like her mother
Sometimes I could hit her,
Though I know that it’s not okay.
If I act like her father
There’s a chance that she’d rather,
Leave us here and just run away.
Was it something I said
That made Ernest fall dead,
I don’t mean what I say.
I know I’ll still have Harry
But the thoughts of her marry,
Makes me hope she won’t….

Run away, Eveline


I’ve come in from the seas
To make weak at the knees
My bohemian girl.
Through the Straits of Magellan
It’s the truth that I’m tellin’
My bohemian girl.
No ship I’ve boarded sank
They’ll call us ‘Poppens and Frank’,
My Bohemian Girl.
There’s no need to go paler
Every lass loves a sailor,
My Bohemian Girl…

Run away, Eveline


I’m tired of life’s chores
I’m leaving the stores,
Sure how long could I stay?
His Bohemian Girl
His bright little pearl,
Am I running away?
Two of the same letter
Would explain myself better,
Face to face it’s so hard to say.
My head’s all at sea
And Frank you would drown me,
There’s no way that I could….

Run away, Eveline

‘Ubu Roi’ (“After The Race”)

Ubu Roi (After The Race) by fathersofwesternthought12

“Meanwhile a 4-man social race,
Charles Segouin, Andre Villiere, Villona and
Jimmy Doyle!”

“Oh creeping in behind now is a Cambridge man,
The English, they always find an entry!”

“AND WHAT’S THIS! A very late entry by a short fat man,
of course, he’s American!”

“Oh, just when Jimmy Doyle could see the finishing line
a card game ensues, he’s no only finishing last, but he’s
trying to pay his debts in I.O.U.s!”

The Gold Coin (“Two Gallants”)

The Gold Coin (Two Gallants) by fathersofwesternthought12


The gold coin, is what their efforts are for
The gold coin, why would they need any more
You think with every attempt they try to lure her to bed,
Convince her to steal when everyone’s resting their head.

The gold coin, is why they take her to town
The gold coin, means more than the trousers down
Manipulate girls and walk around aimlessly
Convince her to steal from her employer shamelessly.

If you have a gold coin you’re not a leech like disease
If you have a gold coin you don’t have to eat peas
If you have a gold coin you wouldn’t be all alone
If you have a gold coin you could save for a home
If you have a gold coin you’re not stalking your friends
If you have a gold coin you won’t have to pretend
If you had a gold coin you would be just like him
If you have a gold coin you’ll be happy again…

Reparation (“The Boarding House”)

Reparation (The Boarding House) by fathersofwesternthought12

Bob! O Bob! What am I to do? I’ll kill myself if I don’t marry you!
Your job, your job, well what can I say? If you say no then you must run away!
I sob, I sob, what am I to do? Don’t you accuse me of seducing you!
O Bob, O Bob, I’m 19 years old and my mother taught me to do what I’m told.

Polly, O Polly! What am I to do? I’ll be disgraced if I don’t marry you!
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, well I should’ve known! Now I must stand by these seeds I have sown!
But I worry, I worry! well what am I to do? I didn’t think I was seducing you!
O Polly, O Polly, well I’m far too old, now your mother says I must do as I’m told.

Reparation, must be made
Once you fall in there is no escape.

Confrontation is the price you paid
Once you fall in there is no escape.

Situations, you’re afraid
Once you fall in there is no escape.

Reputations, on display
Once you fall, in there is, no escape.