Details of this year’s UCD James Joyce Research Colloquium have been announced! The talks, papers and entertainments will take place between 10-12 April between Newman House and the James Joyce Centre. You will find the full schedule below. For further information click here.


UCD James Joyce Research Colloquium 2014

The Centenary of Dubliners:

Historical, Digital, and Archival Approaches

Thursday, 10 April: Newman House


17.00–19.00: Panel 1: Exploring Digital Dubliners:

Dr Scott Hamilton, University College Dublin: ‘The Dead’ iPad app

Prof Joseph Nugent, Boston College: Digital Dubliners

Andrew A. Kuhn, Boston College: Dubliners Bookshelf

Terence Killeen, James Joyce Centre, and Ed Mulhall, Independent Scholar: A Digital Model for Dubliners


19.00–20.00: Reception


20.00–21.00: Keynote: Frank McGuinness in Conversation with Anne Fogarty


Friday, 11 April: Newman House

10.00–11.00: Keynote: Prof Andrew Gibson, Royal Holloway, University of London: ‘What do we want kowtowing’: Conciliation and Conflict in Dubliners


11.00–11.30: Coffee Break


11.30–13.15: Panel 2: The State of ‘Grace’ and Its Vicissitudes

Prof Tom Rice, University of South Carolina: Mr. Power: Another Dublin Good-for Nothing

Dr Chrissie Van Mierlo, Royal Holloway, University of London: ‘Greedo!’: Joyce, ‘Grace’, and the First Vatican Council

Dr Jim LeBlanc, Cornell University: The Obscene Irony of ‘Grace’


13.15–14.15: Lunch


14.15–16.00: Panel 3: Araby and Arabesque—As Joyce Appeals to King George V

Dr Anne Marie D’Arcy, University of Leicester: Piercing the Veil: Der reine Tor, the Grail Quest, and the Language Question in ‘Araby’

Richard J. Gerber, Independent Scholar: Joyce’s ‘Araby’, James Clarence Mangan, and The Mystery of Mangan’s Sister

Anthony J. Jordan, Independent Scholar: James Joyce Begs King George V and Arthur Griffith to assist with the publication of Dubliners


19.00–22.00: Bachelor’s Walk Performance and Reception: James Joyce Centre


Saturday, 12 April: James Joyce Centre

10.00–11.00: Keynote: Prof Vicki Mahaffey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: List, list, O list! The Spectrality of Dubliners


11.00–11.30: Coffee Break


11.30–13.15: Panel 4: New Readings of Dubliners: Studies of Historicity, Space, and Cultural Performance

Katie Mishler, University College Dublin, Joyce’s Nineteenth-Century: A Reading of Dubliners through Sheridan Le Fanu’s In A Glass Darkly

Ashley Elizabeth Savard, Durham University, ‘What’s in a name?’: Names and Naming as Cultural Performance in Dubliners

Prof Manana Gelashvili, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Time and Space Modelling in Dubliners


13.15–14.15: Lunch


14.15–16.00: Panel 5: Joyce’s ‘chaosmos’: Joycean Dynamics of Excess

Laura Lovejoy, University College Dublin: ‘undeleted glete’: Venereal Disease and Post-colonial Catholic Social Purity Narratives in the Wake’

Jeremy Colangelo, University of Western Ontario, Canada: Stephen’s Carnival: Joyce’s Early Maximalism

Gabriel Renggli, University of York: ‘manque a sa place’: ALP’s Absent Missive



The event is free and open to the public,

but pre-registration is required: