On this day…15 July

On 15 July 1912 Joyce arrived in Dublin from Trieste.

Joyce’s arrival in Dublin on 15 July was the beginning of a three-month stay with his family in Ireland. It was also to be his last visit to Ireland.

After Nora and Lucia left Trieste for Ireland early in July, Joyce received only a postcard sent from Howth from them. A letter sent by Nora from Galway on 11 July hadn’t reached Joyce by 12 July, when he sent a postcard to her telling her how lonely he was and complaining that she had forgotten him. With money he had been given by Ettore Schmitz (Italo Svevo), Joyce and Giorgio left Trieste that evening to join Nora and Lucia in Ireland.

They travelled via London where Joyce visited WB Yeats. Yeats gave Joyce tea and gave fruit to Giorgio. Yeats and Joyce discussed The Countess Cathleen, which Joyce and Nicolò Vidacovich had translated. Since the translation was made, Yeats had rewritten the play, and was sending a copy of the new text to Vidacovich. While in London Joyce also visited Maunsel and Company’s offices to see Joseph Hone about the problems with Dubliners, but the meeting did not resolve the outstanding issues.

On his arrival in Dublin it seems likely Joyce and Giorgio stayed with his brother Charles who was living at the time at 17 Richmond Place. After a meeting with George Roberts of Maunsel and Company on 16 July, Joyce and Giorgio travelled to Galway to join Nora and Lucia there.


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