Clinton Cahill – Illuminating The Wake no.20

Finnegans Wake pages 50 – 60   We are in the third section of Finnegans Wake, ‘Book’ I ‘chapter’ 3 (pp. 48 – 74), variously referred to by authorities on the text as ‘The Humphriad II’, ‘Gossip’ and ‘HCE’s Trial and incarceration’.   The chapter begins with commentary on the remarkable effects of Frosty Hosty’s ran, […]

Guest Blog: Illuminating the WAKE with Clinton Cahill: Part 17

  During their encounter in the park, the cad’s innocent enquiry about the time was misunderstood by Earwicker as either some sort of proposition or accusation.  HCE managed to incriminate himself through a statement of preemptive denial, in effect starting the rumor chain, his widespread disrepute and the dissemination of a slanderous ballad about him. […]