Proposal to Demolish Ormond Hotel

Dublin City Council is currently considering an application by Monteco Holdings for the demolition of the Ormond Hotel, 7-13 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7. The hotel is a site of cultural significance for Dublin as it serves as the setting of the ‘Sirens’ episode of Joyce’s Ulysses. In recent months the plaque erected to mark the Joycean revelance of the building has been removed.

The Ormond Hotel was opened in 1900 and ceased trading in 2006. A previous proposal for demolition of the site received permission from An Bord Pleanala in 2004 but that subsequently expired in 2009.

For further information about the current application for demolition and details about how objections can be lodged visit the online page of the application (ref 3008/13) here.



6 thoughts on “Proposal to Demolish Ormond Hotel

  1. The proposed destruction of the Ormond Hotel is nothing less than cultural vandalism. It should be possible to develop the site whilst at least retaining the exterior shell of the building. This is done on a regular basis in the UK where listed buildings are converted into, for example, residential properties whilst the appearance of the exterior is unchanged. It is absolutely shocking that there appears to be no awareness on the part of the Dublin planning authorities of the importance of sites such as the Ormond Hotel to Irish heritage.

  2. Come join us in a protest outside the Ormond Hotel on Ormond Quay by the Liffey just down from Capel Street at 1pm on Saturday.
    You can’t miss us. Make some placards and some noise. Let’s tell Dublin City council that they need to listen to their citizens and they need to protect our cultural heritage.
    Save Ormond Hotel. Yes, YES, YES!
    Destroy Joycean Dublin. NO,NO,NO!
    We need everyone to join us or send a message to Dublin City Council and Monteco Holdings that they can’t just destroy a landmark building facade of this cultural significance. Telephone Dublin City Council 01 – 222 2222 or email planning department They’ll say that the period for official objecting is over but they still have to make a decision. An objection has gone in. It cost €20 to object which makes objecting all the harder. Come on Joyceans and Dubliners.

  3. The facade is not the original facade. The current facade was built in in 1970’s. There is nothing left of the original building thanks to the previous owner. The building is an eyesore and completely dilapidated.

    I understand the new hotel will still be called the Ormond and will have a bar to be called sirens. The quays need investment and any progress should be encouraged.

  4. Revised plans were submitted to Dublin City Council on 23 December 2013 and are available for inspection until 28 January 2014

  5. Hey! Can anybody here tell me the year a blue sticker of Ormond Hotel reads for being a Dublin Tourism Member? Thanks in advance….Need this for some Research from Germany!

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